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In a future civilization, on a planet in the Orion Spur of the Milky Way Galaxy begins a tale of gods, their genetic creations and the oldest technology in the universe.

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Lives of Future-Past


Commander Max Gunnarsson. Lieutenant Jennifer Escalante: two very similar people with very different ideas of what's right and what's wrong.
When Max appropriates military technology to perform his own illegal test of humanity's newly-acquired knowledge of faster-than-light travel, Jennie is part of a team of naval officers sent to bring him back to face charges of treason.
After landing on Earth, the dead planet of their ancestors, Max and Jennie are whisked away to a savage, future world, where Viking-like lycans rule the day, and rotting vampires own the night.

And they've been dropped right in the middle of it all.

But that's the least of their worries. They learn there's an alien fleet of death on its way to their own planet, and their ability to survive in this brutal, medieval world will be key in preventing the annihilation of the human race.

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Lives of Lost Angels


Max needs to get home. His family is desperately searching for him, and even he is not quite sure of his location in space/time, but he is definitely stuck. And although there is a combination magic and technology where he is, everything is a bit off. To make things worse, Len Johnson has hatched a plan and is leading The Vrol straight to Azul. But before the team can do anything they have to find Max's father, as he is the key to locating the lost lycan/mage.

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Lives of the Provectus


Azul, the last refuge of Mankind, is on the brink. The Vrol are on their way to cleanse the galaxy of humanity, and all of Azul's faster-than-light travel machinery has been disabled. Max Gunnarsson has to find a way to unite modern, Viking and Samurai lycan forces from past, present and future and prepare to fight the insect invaders, as well as defeat renegae gods of the universe.

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How to Not die in Post-Apocalyptic Hollywood


The highly-anticipated follow-up to LIVES OF LOST ANGELS is here!

Kam Andreessen, archeologist everyman, just got his dream job - working on the archeological dig in Machu Picchu, Peru. There he finds a special object by the river, and once he touches it he's whisked away to an apocalyptic Hollywood hell-hole.

And, just like Max Gunnarsson was in LIVES OF LOST ANGELS, Kam is stranded.

Kam must earn a living and stay alive while he awaits rescue. And everyone else must stay alive when Kam finds out he is a bit more than a normal human being.

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The Prīmulī Prophecies Collection


All 3 books in one, plus the bonus novella HOW TO NOT DIE IN POST-APOCALYPTIC HOLLYWOOD

The epic saga of Max and Jennie Gunnarsson is now in one complete edition - The Prīmulī Prophecies Collection. Travel with the Gunnarssons as they learn magic, fight vampires, navigate through time, and try to keep their precocious daughter from murdering everything in sight.

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Lili G Must Die


29th century Azul: a shiny, new home for the ancestors of refugees from Earth, which is now known as a dead world.

But Earth is not as dead as most believe.

Lili Gunnarsson is an orphan, secretly from a feudal society on a restored and hidden Earth. Recently adopted into the famous Gunnarsson clan, she can do things no other Azulian child can. She can change someone's sensibilities with a mere touch. She can teleport to any place on her new world. She can even levitate a 200-kilogram stone table and drop it on one's head if she desires. And eventually, she will horridly transform into a savage beast on every full moon.

Unfortunately, Lili has no idea she is also a walking plague: a fact only known to her adoptive aunt and uncle. She has a malignancy growing inside her and she will ultimately infect any world she is on, taking countless others with her. And every day she lives, her potential demise becomes more powerful, putting even more innocent lives in peril.

Now, Lili is perfectly fine with her abilities, willingly keeping them secret while she attends seventh-grade classes at Saint Mary's Academy, in Córdoba, Nueva Argentina, under the name Lili Gatto. Accompanied by her best friends, fraternal twins Tommy and Janie Williams, native Alaskans also from Earth, Lili navigates the intricacies of a scholastic social environment completely alien to her. From her nasty English teacher, Miss Hernandez, to the twisted little fans of the R.I.P. Ryder Johnson Fan Club, a group dedicated to the memory and supposed genius of a traitorous murderer, Lili encounters many obstacles in her quest to pose as a normal girl and get an excellent education in the institution where her adoptive father studied.

Then, one day, she accidentally discovers a sinister plan to activate descendants of one of the worst enhanced subspecies ever known: vampires.

Lili has a genetic-level aversion to these creatures, like her adoptive parents, being a hybrid of the lycan subspecies and of the Prīmulī, the species that created humanity. And, despite warnings from her parents, her aunt and her uncle (the latter of which happens to be the Primulus historically known as Michael the Archangel), Lili sets out to eliminate these foul beings from the face of the planet.

Without getting caught and grounded for life, that is.

However, Lili has no idea that rogue, banished Prīmulī, known as the Grigori, are scheming to have her killed, or that it is they who have reawakened the worst that the human race has to offer. The Grigori, led by Michael's borderline insane sister, Anaita, consider Lili to be a genetic monstrosity, and also fear the power she will one day possess: power that will eclipse theirs, like an ocean over a babbling brook. Anaita's minion, Azael, poses as Saint Mary's custodian, Mr. Wallace, assisting the crazed Primulus in her scheme to eliminate Homo Sapiens from the face of the universe. Unable to physically harm Lili due to Michael's protective influences, Azael appears to be the one who is turning prominent Córdoba citizens into vampires in order to terminate the girl's existence. But he holds a dangerous secret close to his heart: a secret that could mean the end of his own eons-long existence.

After Michael strips Lili of the majority of her abilities for disobedience, and then leaves for a mission on the other side of the galaxy, Lili is forced to face Anaita and fight for her life, alone and without the help of anyone. And the only thing that can save Lili is a note on a tiny piece of paper, written as an afterthought, for something that should have never happened in the first place.

So, whether her demise comes at the hands of the Grigori, or by her fulfilling her potential as an organic anti-matter bomb, eventually, LILI G MUST DIE.

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The Compendium of Imaginary Stars


Steve Benton, author of The Prīmulī Prophecies, presents a collection of his short stories previously published by OMNI Magazine: Bits 'N Pieces, Nothing but Stars in the Sky, Colorful, Slaves, Present Rewritten and Past Retold.

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