The Prīmulī Prophecies



Gods. DNA tampering. Aliens. Magic. Political corruption. Adventure. Romance.

This series has it all.

In the mid-22nd century, after the discovery of an ultra-strong and light deep-Earth metal, quadrinium, private interests from six nations, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Peru, Switzerland and the United States work together to build a fleet of interstellar craft to leave a chaotic and dying Earth for a new home in the Cetus constellation.

After a 300-year journey in suspended animation, they arrive and build a system of the primary planet, Azul, its two moons, Luna and Sienna, and Vera, a moon orbiting a gas giant on the other side of the system.

Nearly 400 years later, life in the Federation is good. Learning from the mistakes of their ancestors, humanity has built a prosperous and stable society.

And then Dr. Max Gunnarsson discovers a subdimensional realm, which he names Side Space. Further, he heads up the team to build the Hook Drive, which would enable humanity to enter Side Space and to travel many times the speed of light.

But Azulian society also has another exciting development on the horizon: humanity's first contact with an extraterrestrial special, the Artusians, is to happen within five years. Portrayed as angelic beings, it is assumed the Artusians are friendly and will bring gifts of new technology and social advancement.

Max Gunnarsson, however, is a scientist, and as such is a skeptic.

Inexplicably forbidden by the federal government from even testing his new invention, Gunnarsson sets out on his own to prove that Side Space can and should be navigated by humans. His intention is to not only prove this, but to also convince the military that they should make all naval vessels Side Space-capable and meet the Artusians before they arrive at Azul System. If friendly, they will be welcomed to great fanfare. But if not, they'll be atomized in the void of space.

Building his own Side Space-enabled shuttle craft, Max embarks on an adventure, taking him to the dead world of his ancestors in a mere seven days, where he discovers that some myths and legends of Earth's ancient history were actually historical fact. Magic existed. Lycans, vampires and other beings roamed the Earth, but were mysteriously "deactivated" over 2,000 years prior. Max learns that, through his mother's side, he is one such "inactive" being. He also discovers that through his father's side he is something much more.

But the young scientist has other, more pressing concerns.

Lieutenant Jennifer Escalante is part of a Naval recon team sent after Max to bring him back to Azul to face charges of treason. Ready, willing and able to kill Max, she discovers that she is more similar to him than different. The two are basically forced to become allies when they both learn the Artusians aren't what everyone wants to believe. Having destroyed Earth hundreds of years earlier, the aliens are on their way to Azul to do the same. Plus, someone very powerful on Azul is helping the Artusians; the same person who implemented the Side Space test ban, and this individual has his own sinister agenda.

The Prīmulī Prophecies series begins with The Vrol Tilogy. A species-wide coming of age story, the first three books detail how humanity rediscovers its lost past and fights to preseve its uncharted future. A fourth novel, How to Not Die in Post-Apocalyptic Hollywood is an extension of the alternate world introduced in the second novel, Lives of Lost Angels. Further stories are being developed, such as Metatron's Cube and The Shell.

A new YA series already has two novels on the continuing adventures of young Liliana Gunnarsson as she tries to fit in at school on a different planet.


The first two books of the Lili G series are complete, but have not yet been published. Literary agents and publishers are encouraged to contact the author through the contact form.