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Genre YA Science Fantasy


No. Words 86,701

Date January 26, 2019

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This popular character from The Prīmulī Prophecies is now featured in her own spinoff series, geared toward the YA market.

And it all starts with LILI G MUST DIE

Lili Gatto is a new, teenaged female protagonist for young adult science fantasy/adventure fans. In a class of her own, she doesn't live in a hidden, magical world. Rather, she is the only one of her kind living amongst normal humans. Unapologetically brutal, Lili must temper her wild instincts and hide her abilities while she attends school on a world that knows nothing of the oldest technology in the universe—magic.

Beta reader comments:

"What an absolute delight!! My head is still spinning. It's the kind of book you can't wait to re-read!!"

"A wonderful gripping story, I can see as many adults as YA reading this and loving it."

"I love Lili more." (than Harry Potter)

"I am in love with this story. "

"The cliff hanger at the end was SPECTACULAR."