Universal Glossary of Terms



3D Slip - method of instantaneous transportation within a world. Required coordinates are Latitude, Longitude and Elevation.

4D Slip - Like 3D Slip, but with addition of Space/Time calculations. Can be used to travel to other worlds, parallel dimensions. Extremely advanced and only accessible by Prīmulī and their offspring. Requires Kamiliak Equation for calculations and The Hub for transit.

Animated Tattoo - Illuminated, biogenetic mechanism embedded just under the epidermis which performs preprogrammed animations. Light is provided via bioluminescence, patterned after firefly luciferin. The animation can be either permanently on, or be activated via a sub dermal trigger, i.e. a hidden button on the neck, which one touches.

Azul - Planet residing in a binary star system which is part of the Cetus constellation. Azul has a P-type orbit around both Sol A and Sol B, both of which orbit each other. New home to Mankind after emigrants traveled for 300 years in suspended animation. Pinnacle of human society built over a period of 400 years.

Cannibal -Infected normal (human) with desire to eat human brains. Near complete loss of sapience. Body is in constant state of cooking itself from over-amped metabolism. Runs and attacks until it suffers complete burnout and system failure. No cure available, except by Prīmulī, and then only for enhanced subspecies. Normals are incurable.
Traits: Mindless, brain-eating marathon runners.
Cannot reproduce. Infection only occurs when both blood and saliva enter into victim's body.

Cantus - Verbal or mental command used to manipulate magic particles. Can be simple, such as a levitation cantus, or extremely complex, such as a combination of individual healing and DNA altering cantuses, enabling regeneration of missing limbs, organs. Minor-mages must verbalize, while Prīmulī can use mental commands. Beings with no genetic predisposition to magic can use cantuses on a limited scale as long as they have a magically-enabled object, such as a wand or other special piece of equipment (see gauntlet). Alternately: (verb) to cantus a spell.

Castilian (language) - archaically Spanish, Castellano (Castilian/Spanish), (English), Kastilisch (Swiss) - Castilian is the proper name for the Spanish language, originating from the Iberian Peninsula on Earth. Used on Azul in conjunction with English and Swiss. English is predominant on Azul, but many idioms and slang terms on Azul are in the Castilian language.
Bacho(a) - Slang term used to describe a Caucasian - gender-specific
Boludo(a) - idiot, jerk - gender-specific
Chino(a) - Slang term used to describe anyone of Old-Earth Asiatic descent - gender-specific
Dego(a) - Slang used to describe one of Old-Earth South American descent who has dark skin and eyes - gender-specific
Desa - short for desayuno - breakfast
Fritas - French-fried potatoes
Mochila - Backpack
Poto - Buttocks, a person's butt
Rey de Roma! - Speaking of the devil (idiomatic phrase)

Clarke's Third Law - Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Core Timeline - the singular timeline that is the most recent in all existence. Currently late-29th century. In the 31st century, the Core Timline will merge with the Future-Past Earth timline, which will then become the core.

Deadly Metals - the six metals of the Platinum Group: ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, and platinum. Molecular vibrational frequencies of these metals cause health particles in enhanced systems to misbehave, and can lead to death. Rhodium is the rarest, as well a most deadly. Introduction of any of these metals into the bloodstream of a vampire will cause instant immolation.

Demon - See Vrol (mistakenly called demons by PAH residents)

Earth - Terra (Castilian), Erde (Swiss), Zemlya (Russian) - Planet in the Sol System - World of Mankind's origination. Planet nearly dies from Vrol attack when virulent amoeba infests air and global water supply in late 22nd century. Magic was active from time of first sapient hominids to roughly the year 600 CE. Magic re-enabled by Prīmulī in the 33rd century.

English (language) - a West Germanic language from Earth. It is the most commonly used language in Azul System (in conjunction with Swiss and Castilian) and has the highest number of native speakers.

Exodus - Secret fleet of spacecraft that left Earth for Azul in mid 22nd century, funded by a corporate consortium. Journey took almost 300 years to arrive at destination. Emigrants travelled in state of suspended animation. Consisted of refugees from the following nations: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Peru, Switzerland and the U.S.A.

Future-Past Earth - An artifically created Earth of the 43rd century, made specifically as a refuge away from the Grigori. This Earth is not connected to the Core Timeline, but will eventually merge in the 31st century.

Gauntlet - Magic-enabled object that is basically a spiked, metal glove through which cantuses can be channeled.

Ghanlo - A living, non-sapient soul companion, bound to a Primulus. The ghanlo is usually carried in an object, such as a staff or a sword. Facilitates advanced skills where no magic particles exist. Cherubs (enhanced humans) do not have ghanlos.

Grigori - renegade Prīmulī cast out of The Hub after refusing to use their own DNA to create Homo Sapiens Sapiens

The Hub - Place outside the realm of Time/Space where Prīmulī usually reside.

Infoscreen - Semitransparent, tangible, holographic computer used by Prīmulī, higher and middle angels.

Jah - God, Dios, Yahweh, El Shaddai, Elohim - The Supreme Being, Head Honcho of the Universe

Kamiliak Equation - Mathematical calculations required for 4D slip.
Created by Primulus Kamiliak when the universe expanded and travel outside The Hub was required.

Katana - a single-edged sword of Japanese origin, known for its extremely strong metal and sharp cutting surface

Lycan - Homo Sapiens Canis. Enhanced humans with recessive or active lycan genes.
On a magic-enabled world they have enhanced healing, speed, strength and senses.
Traits: Moral, noble.
Susceptible to intoxication from any metal in the platinum family
Three transformation modes:
Day Mode (phase 1) - appearance is human, but they retain enhanced senses and strength is roughly 150% of normal human of equivalent size and build - platinum causes mild stinging sensation.
Battle Mode (phase 2) - appearance is slightly canid, with elongated teeth and limbs, slightly hairy, double lycan's normal strength - platinum causes 3rd degree burns on exposed area, extreme weakening, rhodium is deadly if introduced to the bloodstream
Death Mode (phase 3) - full werewolf. Most lose sapience in this mode. Look like giant, semi-bipedal wolves, 250% over battle form strength - platinum causes 3rd degree burns on exposed area plus causes unconsciousness if exposed to blood. Rhodium can be deadly if introduced to the bloodstream.
Lycans can reproduce. Can also turn normals by introducing lycan virus into subject's system via blood exchange.
Notable Lycans: Krynos, Donus, Jennifer Gunnrsson de Escalante (hybrid), Luigi Bagatelle, Max Gunnarsson (hybrid), Alea, Liliana Marie Gunnarsson (hybrid)

Mage - Broad term used to describe one who can naturally manipulate magic. Minor-mages can perform basic skills while the immortal Prīmulī can affect worlds.
Notable minor-mages: Siegfried, Dom Van Alder

Mater Priorum - The Mother of the First Ones - Liliana Marie Gunnarsson. The first Homo Sapiens Provectus; the next phase in human evolution. She will eventually become more powerful than all Prīmulī, including Mija-El. Liliana is considered the Mater Priorum due to the fact that she was born a lycan/mage hybrid from human parents, while Max Gunnarsson is the offspring of the Taxiarch (and Jennie Gunnarsson de Escalante was resurrected after being decapitated, resulting in her genetic enhancement)

Magic - Term used to describe organo-technical sub-atomic particles (also called magic particles) that naturally occur in all living things, or the manipulation of said particles (to perform magic). Under extreme magnification they appear to be mechanical spheres with numerous appendages. Operate on vibrational frequencies that enable attuned enhanced beings to avail themselves of extra-normal abilities such as superior strength, healing, vision, etc. Mages and Prīmulī can manipulate these particles using cantuses.

Meter/Readout/HUD - an organic display in the peripheral vision (and also inner left arm) of lycans and vampires. Has three lines - red for health, green for strength and blue for stamina. Max Gunnarsson also has yellow line for magic timeout. Enables a being to monitor their system resources and adjust accordingly. Prīmulī also have a HUD, but it is much more complex, and even allows visual DNA analysis.

Neko - Homo Sapiens Felis. Sapient humanoid species residing on alternate Old-Earth timelines
Developed as a Prīmulī experiment, with the young-bearing females created to be physically superior to the males. This resulted in the females killing the males off (adult and newborn) and parthenogenesis taking place in order to further procreate (basically a form of apomixis).
Extremely sexual and frequently work as prostitutes, prefering normal (human) males and females as their clientele.
Have odd mannerisms and usually develop their own, mangled way of speaking the local language of whichever land they inhabit.
Humanoid in shape, covered with a fine, soft fur that comes in a variety of colors.
Their ears protrude out of their heads at a higher level than normals, are pointed and very sensitive. Their faces are also reminiscent of actual cats, but lack a defined muzzle.
Mark territory via their scent glands (much as do lycans). Smell is said to be nearly intollerable by other species (except for human normals, who lack the olfactory senses to be bothered by the odor).
The only know active nekos live in PAH
Traits: Friendly, not very bright.
Abilities: Superior strengtth, senses of smell, taste, touch, incredible night vision.
When a neko bonds with a non-neko individual she can transform to a human form at will (see Minnie in How to Not Die in Post-Apocalyptic Hollywood)
Notable Nekos: Cassandra, Minnie, Dani Woolrich (inactive)

Normal - Homo Sapiens Sapiens. A human with no enhanced abilities. Comprise of roughly 98% of the global population. Their blood is the food source for vampires. Their brains are the food source for cannibals. Usually desire to live under the protection of lycans. Some may learn limited magical skills via magic-enabled objects.

PAH - Post-appocalyptic Hollywood of a skewed, alternate timeline, created by Marnn in an attempt to introduce natural technology (magic) back into the Terran biosphere.

Prīmulī - (singular. Primulus) Immortal beings, the seraphim - created in the beginning of time by Jah (colloquially known to humans as God). The Prīmulī were tasked with the responsibility to create Homo Sapiens Sapiens, using their own DNA. Many rebelled, creating a rift in the heavens. These rebels were banned from the HUB and cast out, stripped of the vast majority of their powers. The most powerful of these beings formed the Grigori, a group dedicated to the elimination of humanity.
Notable Prīmulī: Draagh, Marnn, Kamiliak, Mija-El, Gabriel. Banished Prīmulī: Anaita, Azael, Samyaza, Gadreel

Quadrinium - A chemical element with symbol Qr and atomic number 119. It is an extremely dense, ductile, highly conductive, precious, nearly black transition metal. Its name is derived from the Portuguese term quatro, meaning "four". The reason for this was due to the fact that quadrinium was nearly simultaneously discovered (2197-2199 CE) beneath four mountain ranges: the Andes of South America, the Rockies of North America and the Alps and the Pyrenees mountains in Southern Europe.
Quadrinium is found deep in the Earth's crust, starting at roughly five miles below the surface. The substance would be considered an unremarkable metal, not being particularly strong or attractive in its native form. But when a small electrical current is passed through it, quadrinium not only produces gravitons, enabling gravitational dampening fields, as well as internal, artificial gravity, but its hardness tops the Mohs Scale, equaling diamonds. As an added benefit, it also becomes impervious to radiation: perfect shielding on both counts.
Azul has a form of the metal, called Blue Quadrinium (BQr on the New Periodic Table). This version has inherent natural particles (a.k.a. magic particles) and can have adverse effects on humans with recessive enhanced subspecies ancestry.

Retinal - a light-sensitive molecule which absorbs green light and reflects back red and violet light, the combination of which appears to be a bluish-purple. The majority of plant life on Azul acquires energy via retinal, hence the purplish-blue hues (enhanced due to Sol A and Sol B, Azul's twin suns). While there are chlorophyll-based plant forms on Azul, many, if not most, are species alien to the world, brought over and introduced to the planet after the Exodus.

Rhönen Dominion - A lycan kingdom in what was once known as northern Germany on Earth. Named for the nearby Rhön mountains.

Russian (language) - Po russkia (Russian), Ruso (Castiallian), Russisch (Swiss) - a subset of ancient Russian, sometimes called Veran, based on the East Slavic language from Earth. Rare language, utilized on mining colonies on the system moon Vera.
Notable Russian Speakers:
Ulyana Bogdanovich
Vladimir Bogdanovich
Lyudmila Bogdanovich

Side Space - extra dimensional realm that exists outside normal space. Traveling through Side Space enables one to supercede light speed limitations. While always having been in existence, the first human to discover Side Space was Dr. Max Gunnarsson, who then also constructed the SSCC Hook Drive, providing mankind with the ability to travel faster than light.

Socrates - Sentient mage intelligence access portal. Looks like a floating mask. Appears on demand to Prīmulī. Assists in Kamiliak Coordinate calculations. Originally was an acronym - Sentient Organic Computerized Request and Tracking Equation System.

SSCC - side space carrier currents - Currents that exist and flow within side space. Proper machinery allows a connection to a specific current and thus drags anything attached at incredible speeds many thousands of time the speed of light.

SSCC Hook Drive - Machinery developed to enable FTL travel in Side Space

Swiss (language) - Schweizerisch (Swiss), Suizo (Castilian), Po-shveytsarski (Russian) - a subset of ancient Swiss German, based on the Alemannic dialect in Germany, Earth. Spoken in New Switzerland (Neu Schweiz), one of the countries formed after the Exodus arrived at Azul System, and populated by Swiss (Earth) refugees. Liliana Gunnarsson is perfectly fluent in Swiss (which she easily mastered upon arrival at Azul), even though her native dialect is High German, which has differences in terminology and a harsher pronunciation. Note: Clarisa Gatto (wife of the Taxiarch) is also fluent in Swiss.

Taxiarch - Mija-El. The highest ranking, most powerful Primulus. Mankind calls him Michael, Miguel, Miguelangel, etc - Son of Draagh, biological father of Max Gunnarsson. Mija-El has also been known by a variety of names in earlier Earth religions i.e. Thor, Osiris and Apollo.

Taxiarch/Lycan Hybrid - Born of lycan mother and Taxiarch Michael. Has the abilities of a Primulus, plus all lycan abilities. Is immune to platinum metal-family intoxication.
Only known borne-hybrid - Max Gunnarsson. Jennie Gunnarsson and Liliana Gunnarsson were both enhanced to an equivalent state.

Vampire - Homo Sapiens Mortuus. Enhanced humans with perverted recessive or active genes. On magic-enabled world they subsist on normal (human) blood. Health particles barely keep them alive - in constant state of fending off decomposition. Emit strong rotting smell. Extremely strong, but overexertion causes rapid decomposition.
Traits: Amoral, sociopathic, power-hungry, devious
Susceptible to intoxication from any metal in the platinum family
Platinum contact with skin causes intense burning. Contact with blood causes vampire to self-immolate and turn into a pile of ashes
Vampires can reproduce. Can also turn normals by introducing vampire virus into subject's system via blood exchange. Frequently turn humans to replenish their numbers due to short lifespan.
Notable Vampires: Vladros, Ladros, Ryder Johnson, Len Johnson

Vrol - Alien race. Insect-like. Hive mind. Varying castes and/or species. All technology is organic, including spacecraft. Mother ship called Brood Carrier (Vrol language name not known). No FTL. Ground troops resemble bipedal praying mantises, having clawed appendages and compound eyes. Flyers resemble giant demonic bats with four limbs and compound eyes. Vrol do not like open water (especially saline) and certain frequencies cause them pain. Vrol invaded Earth in mid 23rd century, for unknown reasons. They were defeated by Azul and her allies in the 29th century, but continue to exist in PAH

Yerba Mate - Also simply known as mate (mah-tay). A traditional Earth and Azul caffeine-rich infused drink. It is prepared by steeping dried leaves of yerba mate in hot water, and usually served with a metal straw (called a bombilla) from a hollow calabash gourd.

Zombie - See Cannibal. Alternatively, the stage surname of a late 20th / early 21st century musician from Earth.